Did you enjoy the INKOM as much as we did? There’s more where that came from! After the INKOM we have a lot of fun activities, such as parties and introductory activities to get to know KoKo and her members even better. You don’t want to miss this! Check below for our program.

After the INKOM

Introductory weekend

The INKOM is over – but your time at KoKo is just beginning! First up is the introductory weekend: from September 2nd till September 4th or, if you can’t make it then, from September 9th till September 10th. On this weekend you will get to know what KoKo is all about as an association. You will be attending with others from your year as well as older KoKo members. The weekend is first and foremost focused on having a good time: it’s up to you which activities you want to participate in. 



Included in the cost of the weekend is access to KoKo’s IK Weeks: two weeks of activities and parties where you will get to know KoKo in and out. You will become familiar with KoKo’s association culture, fraternities, sororities, yearclubs, committees and other groups in a non-committal and fun way. For example, you will visit all fraternities and sororities on a trek through Maastricht during the Walking Borrel, an activity that is deeply etched in the memory of many KoKo members. These weeks will be concluded with a fantastic closing party!


Becoming a member

You’ve decided – you’re becoming a full member of KoKo! In that case you will be inaugurated shortly after the IK-Weeks and the CieAIE period will begin, marking the start of your KoKo-career. This is also a period full of all kinds of neat activities and parties that will be concluded with a massive cantus. During this period you will also form your yearclub and the introductory activities of the fraternities and sororities will take place.

The general introduction week for Maastricht, the INKOM, is organised by the Werkgroep INKOM on behalf of Maastricht University and Hogeschool Zuyd. The Werkgroep INKOM is responsible for the entire INKOM programme. The Werkgroep INKOM and SV KoKo are working together to turn the INKOM into a fantastic week that lets the new students get to know everything Maastricht has to offer.