Did you enjoy the INKOM as much as we did? At SV KoKo we won’t stop yet! After the INKOM we have a lot of fun activities, such as party’s and introductory activities to get to know KoKo and her members even better. You don’t want to miss this! Check below for our program.

29 August: Inkom Reunion – “Alles Kan Feest”
Don’t like drinking from small glasses? Neither do we! At our “Alles Kan Feest” you can order all your favourite mixed drinks in a pitcher.

The “Alles Kan Feest” is the first party of many from SV KoKo after the INKOM. This is the moment to make sure you stay in touch with your friends and mentors from the INKOM and to see each other again before you go to the introduction weekend.  Of course KoKo will be open for people who have not seen much of KoKo during the INKOM or just want to party at SV KoKo again.

Augustus 30th-September 2nd: Introduction Weekend
If you made the right decision to join the coolest student association in Maastricht, then it’s time to join our introduction weekend. During this weekend you will meet fellow first-years and learn about KoKo in a fun way.

September 8th: Open Party

Immediately after the introduction weekend the party will break loose at KoKo! The first open party of the year will be on this Wednesday evening. Everyone is welcome at an open party, so bring all your friends!

September 10th: Study Borrel
This week it’s time for KoKo’s “IK-week” (Bar introduction week), a week during which you will be shown a different aspect of KoKo every night. This night we kickstart with a borrel with students from the same faculty, so you know which KoKo freshmen have started the same studies. You will also get to know your study mentors tonight, who will mentor you and answer your questions during the first year.

September 12th: Walking Borrel
This night you will be introduced to KoKo’s sororities and fraternities. All ten will introduce themselves to you with a drink and a snack. Do not miss out on this amazing night!

September 14th: IK-Cie Borrel

To be able to relax in between all these fun events, just put on your sweatpants, grab a cheap beer and chill. Class is advised against, let your Trailer Trash-self out! We will make sure you will arrive in the right atmosphere at KoKo.

September 17h: Diner, Activity and International Cantus

This evening you can have dinner with fellow freshmen. After that you will undertake a great activity with this group, so you will really get to know them really well. Of course this evening has to end with a party, a cantus is the best way to end this evening!

September 20th: Committee Introduction and End Party:
This night you will be introduced to KoKo’s committees. With 21 committees, there is plenty of choice. If you are member of a committee you get to know more people from KoKo, you help KoKo and your resume to get better, but most of all it’s a lot of fun! Make the right decision and you might be organising KoKo’s “IK-week” next year! After this, the introduction period will be closed by throwing one last party!