The general introduction week for Maastricht, the INKOM, is organised by the Werkgroep INKOM on behalf of Maastricht University and Hogeschool Zuyd. The Werkgroep INKOM is responsible for the entire INKOM programme. The Werkgroep INKOM and SV KoKo are working together to turn the INKOM into a fantastic week that lets the new students get to know everything Maastricht has to offer.


Check below for KoKo’s program during the INKOM!

Check for the complete INKOM program.

* This program is not final due to the covid-measures of the dutch government 

Sunday 15 August

22:00-02:00 Pre INKOM borrel

Come to KoKo on the Sunday before the INKOM for the best start to your week! You can already get to know amazing new people during this fun evening.


Monday 16th of August

17:00-20:00 Food truck festival

Come and eat with your mentor group on Monday at our tastes of the world: food truck festival. Chill in our lounge, relax to the music, and enjoy all the different cuisines.

23:00-03:00 Bon Voyage @KoKo

Celebrate the start of your student life at our grand opening party in the Muziekgieterij. Enjoy Jodi Bernal, Hitjesanon, and DJ FRAME and party until the early hours. Bon Voyage!


Tuesday 17th of August

03:00-05:00 From Russia with love

Want to keep partying after the MECC party on Tuesday? Come party with us at KoKo. There are loads of shots waiting for you!


Wednesday 18th of August

23:00-05:00 Foam party

Soaking wet from all the beer was thrown around during the cantus? There is no better way to get rid of the smell than diving into a giant foam bath. Come to SV KoKo and have a great night at our Foam party.


Thursday 19th of August

15:00-18:30 Beerfest

Drink free beer at the best Beerfest in Maastricht. Enjoy the music, dance to it with a pitcher in your hand, try a life-sized game of beer pong, and make it a fantastic afternoon out of it!