Are you curious about members of KoKo and their experiences within our association?
Read the experiences of Jordi, Tembe and Julien below!
Dear future Koko member, I am Julien, I’m 19 years old and I’m starting my 3th year of ITM (International Track Medicine). I am here to give you my experience as an international student. I first joined KOKO for the nice vibe and open minded people that love to talk with international students and for all the parties during the first year period. Later in the year I joined a committee organizing parties: the OC. And even without speaking Dutch I could be part of the group and make good friends and people would talk to me in English when needed. In my 2nd year I learned Dutch and decided to join a fraternity. You don’t need to learn Dutch to be part of a committee but if you prefer you can also join the English committee CSI or an English Bertje. If you want to learn the Dutch culture and language and party with nice people this is the place to be. Hope to see you at KoKo!