Are you curious about members of KoKo and their experiences within our association?
Read the experiences of Kevin and Alicia below!

Kevin Clarida – Economics – 22 year

Dear future KoKo member, I’m Kevin, 22 years old and I’m from Germany. I am in my 4th year studying Economics and I joined KoKo in my first year. As an international, at first, it might seem like joining an association is for Dutch people only. Which is true for most associations, but not KoKo. I first joined KoKo because I like to party and everyone at KoKo was very nice and always made an effort to include internationals. Within KoKo there are several groups that either have internationals in them or are made for internationals. In my second year at KoKo I decided to join a fraternity and started to learn Dutch. Although it is not necessary to speak dutch at KoKo, it is probably the best way to learn a language since you are doing it while having fun which makes it seem effortless. So if you like to party and are thinking of joining KoKo I can assure you it is a great place to be.

Hope to see you at KoKo!

Alicia Hobdell – Maastricht Science Program – 18 years 

Hii, my name is Alicia. I’m in my first year of the Maastricht Science Program, with a specialization in biology. I’m originally from the French part of Belgium and when I first arrived here in Maastricht, I had no idea that there were any student associations and sororities. Although I was not fluent in Dutch, I was “adopted” by KoKo mentors and spent the rest of the INKOM* at KoKo. Fast forward to today: I take part in a committee, I am a member of a sorority and I have an amazing year club! Besides, I live together with friends from KoKo and I can almost speak fluently Dutch. If I’m bored and want to hang out with friends, there are always KoKo friends who are more than willing to meet up. That’s why I feel at home in Maastricht!