A warm welcome in Maastricht! A beautiful city where you will enjoy your student life in the coming years. Many people think this is the best time of your life, something I can only confirm.

Introduction by the president

A warm welcome in Maastricht! A beautiful city where you will enjoy your student life in the next few years. Many people say this is the best time of your life, something I can only confirm by now. You will notice that your study is very important, but that it is evenly valuable to meet new people, improve your capabilities and develop yourself in areas which are not related to studying.

SV KoKo is the opportunity of Maastricht to achieve all of this. Since 1976 it is impossible to imagine the student life of Maastricht without KoKo. KoKo is characterized by its openness, diversity and equality and our 500 members make this a great club with a varied agenda. In one of KoKo’s many committees, you can develop your skills by for example organizing small activities, running the bar or hosting a festival for the entire city. Or you can join our financial committee to give advice on financial concerns. In one of KoKo’s sororities or fraternities you create friendships that last for a lifetime and meet people who can also you help you later in life, for example by searching a new job.

Thus, although obtaining enough credits in your study is very important, do not forget that activities you participate in beside your study will be just as important in the future. Now you have chosen the direction of your study, there is only one other logical choice to make: SV KoKo!

Janneke Knopper
President SV KoKo

Introduction by the head of the INKY

The time is now – high school is over, you’re moving out of your parent’s house and about to start a new study in a completely new city. The start of the best years of your life – your student life! The upcoming months you’ll discover your mums cooking skills actually weren’t that bad, that there are better things to eat than the oven lasagne from the Aldi, that getting a ‘broodje kroket’ after a night out in the early morning isn’t an exception, but most of all: that you can do whatever YOU want to do. Everybody wants to get the most out of their student years, becoming a member of a student association like KoKo is a good first step. A student association is not only a great place to grab a beer with friends, but also the place to meet new people, to develop yourself on many different levels and integrate into Dutch culture and student life. But first, enjoy the greatest way to start your time in Maastricht – the INKOM. During the INKOM you’ll recognise KoKo by our yellow shirts. If you have a question or if you’re just curious to take a look around, don’t hesitate to ask one of us or just come to one of our activities. Everyone is more than welcome – see you there!

Quinty de Jong
Head of INKY SV KoKo

The general introduction week for Maastricht, the INKOM, is organised by the Werkgroep INKOM on behalf of Maastricht University and Hogeschool Zuyd ( The Werkgroep INKOM is responsible for the entire INKOM programme. The Werkgroep INKOM and SV KoKo are working together to turn the INKOM into a fantastic week that shows the new students everything Maastricht has to offer.