Student association KoKo is the best and the biggest student association in Maastricht. SV KoKo is a non-traditional association, however, it has numerous traditions. SV KoKo thinks highly of equality, self-development and diversity. KoKo is the ideal place to develop yourself, acquire many skills and make friends for life!

SV KoKo in general

SV KoKo is the biggest student association in Maastricht. With a centrally located building and lots of activities and possibilities, SV KoKo is now a vital part of Maastricht’s student life. We were founded in 1976 and this makes us one of Maastricht’s oldest student associations and therefore we have many traditions.  SV KoKo places great importance on the commitment of their members but does not have a hazing to impose these commitments. The active membership is accessible for everyone, and everyone gets the space to develop themselves in their own way. Within our student association, there is something for everyone to like, because of the different groups that KoKo has. For example, their sororities and fraternities, committees and year clubs. Moreover, attention is also being paid to culture and sports. Furthermore, SV KoKo is also known for their amazing parties and vrijmibo’s (Firday afternoon drinks). Within SV KoKo you create friendships for life with people from your year club and/or sorority/fraternity, you develop your organizational skills within a committee and you train your beer-belly by joining the KoKo soccer team. SV KoKo differentiates itself by a great variety of members, attracted by all the possibilities the membership offers. In short, SV KoKo is a prominent student association that offers many possibilities for students to get everything out of their student time, which obviously is the best time of your life!



For the people who would like to combine student life with sports, KoKo is the place for you! SV KoKo offers the possibility to play soccer in the best student-soccer team of Maastricht, to join our fantastic ski-trip or to run during the Batavierenrace. Moreover, many members of KoKo are present during different student sports tournaments, where they fanatically take part in games of hockey, soccer, volleyball or in a rowing competition. Are we not offering your favorite sport? No problem! It is very easy to combine a membership of a sports association with your amazing time at SV KoKo!


Development and career opportunities

KoKo also offers a lot of possibilities to develop yourself on a professional level next to/beside your studies. KoKo has a great variety of committees, such as the finance committee, the acquisition committee or the ICT committee, that will boost your CV. Moreover, by joining the party-or bar committee you learn to organize events and cooperate on a professional level. Furthermore, KoKo organizes an annual Career Day and keeps close ties with its alumni association  called Idéfix, which will build you a network that will come in handy during your entire career.