SV KoKo is an association with over 500 members. Student associations were founded to help you mingle with people from other studies and backgrounds within committees, fraternities/sororities, and yearclubs. Next to its social function, a student association helps you develop your organisational skills and broaden your (professional) network.

SV KoKo offers 23 committees which all have a different task, varying from a financial committee to one that organises four large parties a year, open to all students. If you’re more into sports, you can join in the many sports tournaments KoKo organises or join us on our annual skiing trip. The academic year is concluded with a Festival and is open for all students in Maastricht. 

As an international student you are more than welcome to join SV KoKo. We have numerous examples of international students who joined in and picked up the language within a couple of months and now speak fluent Dutch. Of course they were helped by other members, during committee meetings or over a beer at the bar. Membership at a student association is a great way to interact with other students and to pick up the Dutch language and culture.


Look for the people in yellow during the INKOM and join our introduction weekends for a full student experience!