Are you still looking for a place to sleep in Maastricht? Don’t worry: there are some available through KoKo. Would you like to use this offer? Fill in the form bellow and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Place to sleep

A place to sleep during the Inkom
No luck finding a room in Maastricht yet or do you not get your keys until after the INKOM? No worries: with the help of KoKo there are multiple places available to stay during the Inkom. You can stay with your INKOM mentor(s) or you can stay in one of our KoKo houses!

There are multiple KoKo houses in Maastricht, one of which is ‘De Bloemetjes’ (The Flowers). They get their name from ‘The Bloemenweg’, the street the house is located on. 4 girls occupy this house and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a very diverse household where everyone does different studies, yet all are active within KoKo in their own way. Currently, two board members, one member of the Bar committee, and one member from the DJ committee live there! Some are also members of a sorority! 

Another one of the KoKo houses is the DP (short for Duitsepoort), a fraternity house. These gentlemen know the student life like no other. There’s always a stash of cold beers in the fridge, chairs on the roof terrace and waking up with a hangover confirms a fantastic night! Once in a while they throw a party talked about by others for months, but in general these guys enjoy the good life, each others company and a cold one with the boys. Do you want to experience all this and more yourself? Sign up for one of the sleeping spots!

Would you like to use this offer? Send an email to and make sure you get to have an amazing INKOM week!

The general introduction week for Maastricht, the INKOM, is organised by the Werkgroep INKOM on behalf of Maastricht University and Hogeschool Zuyd ( The Werkgroep INKOM is responsible for the entire INKOM programme. The Werkgroep INKOM and SV KoKo are working together to turn the INKOM into a fantastic week that shows the new students everything Maastricht has to offer.